Books by Susanna Tamaro

RISPONDIMI by Susanna Tamaro
Released: March 1, 2001

"Holy abstractions brightened by dollops of sex and violence."
Three novellas set in the author's native Italy and connected by spiritual/religious themes of good and evil, love and redemption. Read full book review >
FOLLOW YOUR HEART by Susanna Tamaro
Released: Sept. 1, 1995

This wan roman, whose hortatory pleading never rises beyond the level of ``Know Thyself,'' is an obvious entry in the Having Our Say/Bridges of Madison County sweepstakes. It comprises a serial letter of advice, written between one mid-November and Christmas, by Olga, an old Italian woman, for her fugitive granddaughter in America. In it, Olga describes her own thwarted intellectual hunger, unhappy marriage, gratifying adultery, and traumatic loss of her only daughterall the while admonishing the daughter's daughter to be her own woman (which, essentially, she's already doing). The best that can be said for this sententious offertory of feminine wisdom is that it's smoothly written and translated and its bromides go down easily. Follow Your Heart won Italy's Premio Donna Citta di Roma in 1994. Che sarÖ, sarÖ. Read full book review >