Books by Susanne Pfleger

A DAY WITH PICASSO by Susanne Pfleger
Released: Jan. 1, 2000

In the Adventures in Art series, Pfleger offers art lovers a chance to spend a day with Picasso, to glimpse his art, and to experience how this artist may have lived. Picasso's wife, Franáoise, manages to deter an anxious gallery owner, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, who arrives early to collect a new painting. Picasso, in the meantime, hasn't finished the painting, and is snoozing late to make up for lost sleep. When he finally rises, he gets up to paint, eat lunch, and play with his children. In the afternoon he paints from a model and prepares his costume for that evening's masquerade party. Interwoven throughout his daily routine are reproductions of his art and explanations of how they reflect his life. The reproductions are good, but so are the black-and-white photos of Picasso—with his family, just fooling around, or creating art. Even if the actual day is fictionalized, the ambience is spot on, making this a more effective biography for children than many standard narrative accounts. (Picture book. 8-12) Read full book review >
HENRI ROUSSEAU by Susanne Pfleger
Released: Jan. 1, 1999

Lush, beautiful reproductions introduce Rousseau's art work to a young audience, but the text, combining fact and fiction, may confuse those expecting a biography. The first half of this book follows Rousseau's life; the second half links his jungle paintings together in a narrative as if they were all inspired by one dream. Although it may be true in an abstract sense, it may not be fair to explain away Rousseau's art with the clichÇ of a dream. Plazy's A Weekend with Rousseau (1992) offers a more stable forage into the jungles. (Nonfiction. 8-11) Read full book review >