Books by Tabitha King

Tabitha King is the acclaimed author of Small World, Survivor, The Book of Reuben, and many other titles. The wife of novelist Stephen King, she lives in Maine.

SURVIVOR by Tabitha King
Released: Feb. 10, 1997

"A novel of great insight and empathy, filled with believable, troubled, complex characters. (Author tour)"
From King (The Book of Reuben, 1994, etc), a departure from her familiar fictional environs (the small town of Nodd's Ridge), but a work sharing with her earlier books a decidedly unquaint view of domestic life in Maine. Read full book review >
THE BOOK OF REUBEN by Tabitha King
Released: Sept. 12, 1994

"Exhaustingly hip with endless music quotes, an interracial relationship, bisexuality, and sex scandals."
King (One on One, 1992, etc.) makes yet another trip to the Maine setting of four previous novels to wring a last drop of small-town life from a Nodd's Ridge long ago milked dry. Read full book review >
ONE ON ONE by Tabitha King
Released: March 11, 1993

"Relentlessly au courant in music and lingo, numbingly detailed in depicting the smells and surges of adolescence, this has a few fancy moves but in general fails to follow through for the score."
No stranger to excess, pulp-pounder King returns to Nodd's Ridge, the small-town Maine setting of Pearl (1988) and Caretakers (1983), for a heavily hip and hormonal coming-of-age saga in which two high-school basketball stars forge an alliance on and off the court, a liaison that brings both glory and tragedy. Read full book review >