Books by Tahmima Anam

THE BONES OF GRACE by Tahmima Anam
Released: June 28, 2016

"Taken alone, the narrator's self-absorption would be grating, but her story resonates powerfully within the saga of three generations of women personifying Bangladesh's evolution from the clarity of revolution to the confusions of assimilation with the larger world."
With this story about a contemporary Harvard-educated Bangladeshi woman struggling to be true to herself as well as her heritage, Anam completes her three-generation trilogy about Bangladesh. Read full book review >
THE GOOD MUSLIM by Tahmima Anam
Released: Aug. 2, 2011

"Throughout the novel's extremes of violence and tragedy, Anam always allows the ultimate humanity of the characters to shine through."
In the free-standing second installment of her planned trilogy about Bangladesh, Anam (A Golden Age, 2008) transfers her focus from a mother who sacrificed so much before and during the war for national independence to her children, grown and at odds in the revolution's painful aftermath. Read full book review >
A GOLDEN AGE by Tahmima Anam
Released: Jan. 8, 2008

"Panoramic in its sense of history, intensely personal in its sense of drama—a wonderfully sad yet joyous read."
This remarkably moving and assured debut, the first in a planned trilogy, tells the story of Bangladesh's 1971 war for independence through the eyes of a widow who will do anything to ensure her children's survival. Read full book review >