Books by Takayo Noda

Released: April 1, 2006

Using paper painted in rich, subtly modulated colors, Noda offers more harmonious collages featuring peaceful landscapes bright with flowers, insects and stars. The illustrations are set to sonorous free verses built on a repeating structure, in which different flowers in succession request a lullaby: "The buttercup asked the dragonfly / ‘Will you sing a lullaby / to lull me oh-so-soft to sleep tonight?' " The flowers all gather at the end in a starlit garden between small houses, offering to sing a lullaby themselves to "lull the children soft to sleep tonight." Children will linger over the lovely, deceptively simple art even as they nod off to the delicately soporific text. (Picture book. 6-8)Read full book review >
DEAR WORLD by Takayo Noda
Released: March 1, 2003

Using brilliant, subtly modulated colors and expressively shaped pieces of handmade paper, Noda creates a world of deceptive simplicity in neat collages of stylized houses, orchards, and gardens, of seasonal changes, of glowing arrays of stars, birds, fish, and flowers. Each harmonious scene is accompanied by free-verse commentary in which the voice—if not always the sensibility or imagery—is childlike: "once I heard an opera singer / singing / she was so colorful / so beautiful / she was trilling / on very high notes / as if she were / a bird in the forest . . . " The artist combines and recombines familiar elements in startling, magical ways: in "Dear Ocean," she envisions a line of houses whose open doors offer safety to small fish; "Dear Car" is an invitation to a worn-out automobile to dream of having wings; and in her own dreams, flowers, trees, and the sun itself turn heart-shaped after she eats an entire box of valentine chocolates "by mistake." This sweetly lyrical children's debut, with its deeply engaging visual and thematic currents, is bound to linger with readers and pre-readers alike. (Picture book/poetry. 5-10)Read full book review >