Books by Tara Hudson

ELEGY by Tara Hudson
Released: June 4, 2013

"The thin plot spreads itself across nearly 400 pages, and characters spend more time discussing what to do than actually doing it: a miss. (Paranormal romance. 13 & up)"
Like its heroine, this series conclusion never quite comes to life. Read full book review >
ARISE by Tara Hudson
Released: June 5, 2012

"A creditable second act; genre fans won't be disappointed. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up)"
This sequel to Hereafter (2011) finds Amelia still dead but not loving it. Touching Joshua Mayhew remains a thrill, but whenever things heat up, Amelia tends to de-materialize, which definitely puts a crimp in their romance. Read full book review >
HEREAFTER by Tara Hudson
Released: June 7, 2011

"Being dead, Amelia has a better excuse than most for lacking a career goal beyond finding bliss with the one living guy who can see her. (Paranormal romance. 12 & up)"
Amelia knows she's dead and that she drowned, but little more. Read full book review >