Books by Terri Crisp

Released: April 1, 1996

Poignant memories from an animal savior (with co-author Glen, an animal-rights activist). Since 1983, Crisp has devoted herself to saving animals during natural and man-made disasters. From her early volunteer work with the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley, helping stranded pets during local San Francisco Bay area floods and fires, to her recent full-time job as director of Emergency Animal Rescue Services (a nationwide Red Crosstype program for animals), Crisp's dedication and determination are undaunted. During her first rescue mission, Crisp learned first-hand how to aid animals during a flood. Among the 100 animals she helped save were a drowning puppy she clutched from the floodwater, a stranded 300-pound hog, and a cat locked inside a washing machine in a house with the water waist-high. The experience changed her life forever, and she vowed not only to make herself available to help whenever needed but to create something she discovered was sorely lacking—a nationwide animal rescue plan that could be followed during any catastrophe. Over the years, Crisp's work has expanded from local emergencies to national ones. She spent six months organizing clean-up efforts for seabirds and otters after the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, helped place innumerable homeless animals after Florida's Hurricane Andrew, and set up animal relief services during the devastating St. Charles flood in Missouri. An appendix lists invaluable tips for safeguarding your own dogs, cats, birds, and horses during a disaster. Crisp's highly personalized accounts of daring rescues, incredible volunteer efforts, and the bonds of tenderness that form between humans and animals are quite touching—though at times she can go on about the wonder of it all. (16 b&w photos, not seen) (Author tour) Read full book review >