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DRAGON OVER MOON by Terry Fortune

In this sci-fi fantasy, misanthropic genius Cyrus Magus raises a dragon and battles otherworldly forces after a strange cylinder drops from the sky.
In his secluded compound in the Colorado Rockies, Cyrus Magus simmers with distrust of humans. After a professor took credit for his research, Cyrus amassed a fortune by playing the stock market with his settlement money and spent years traveling the globe. Ever since, he's been wary of sharing his ideas with the world. He only interacts with Isis, the attractive neighbor who insisted on helping him move into his new home. This isolation shatters one night when he spots an object leaving the moon, then hears it crash on his grounds. He finds a cylinder containing a baby dragon, soon dubbed Zephyr. He keeps Zephyr hidden but must draw in others to help build a pen to keep the growing dragon safe. Isis, who ends up arranging the project, is let in on his secret and eventually becomes his wife. The happier Cyrus now releases his genius, unleashing inventions to reduce crime, reliance on oil, etc. Meanwhile, mysterious groups continue to circle, which leads to showdowns with an Army general and seemingly immortal entity called Duke, both seeking to capture Zephyr for their own agendas. Thankfully, Cyrus gets assistance from several quarters, including a surprising genetic tie to Zephyr, which keeps the world on proper course. This sci-fi/fantasy mashup combines elements of E.T., How to Train Your Dragon, Men in the Black and The Avengers. Cyrus' interactions with Zephyr have comedic potential, and the superpowers of Duke and Zephyr are flashy cinematic spectacles. Unfortunately, the detailing of Cyrus' inventions becomes a distraction to the main plot, and the denouement explaining the lunar back story is a bit befuddling, especially Duke's confusing logic. Still, there are many appealing strands of fantasy started here that could be pruned, refined and further developed.
Charming yet overloaded sci-fi featuring a dragon and interplanetary shenanigans. Read full book review >