Books by Terry Pindell

Released: Jan. 1, 1997

"His book fails to illuminate that history or to cast any new light on Mexico's present troubles."
An unsatisfying rail-and-plane tour of our southern neighbor, ``a nation besieged by its history.'' Pindell (A Good Place to Live, 1995, etc.) has made a minor specialty of traveling across whole nations—previously, the US and Canada—by train and reporting what he has found along the way. Read full book review >
Released: July 28, 1995

"Full of sharp observations, good reporting, and pleasant anecdotes, Pindell's book poses one such challenge to our souls: making our own imperfect hometowns better, more engaging places in which to live."
A happy man goes looking for a happier place to live in this illuminating tour of North American byways. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 23, 1992

"A sturdy piece of travel writing: readable, informative, and surely a railway buff's delight—but not a profoundly insightful or lapidary work."
Having written in Making Tracks about his experiences traveling 30,000 miles of US passenger lines, Pindell now heads north, where he rides ``the steel of Canada'' for a year. Read full book review >