Books by Terry Teachout

DUKE by Terry Teachout
Released: Oct. 21, 2013

"Like most Ellington albums, Teachout's in-depth, well-researched, loving study of this American treasure is an instant classic."
With this exhaustive, engaging study of the greatest jazz composer of his era, Wall Street Journal drama critic Teachout solidifies his place as one of America's great music biographers. Read full book review >
POPS by Terry Teachout
Released: Dec. 2, 2009

"A rewarding jazz biography and a revealing look at a broad swath of American cultural history."
A comprehensive, affectionate biography of arguably the single most important figure in the history of jazz. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 2004

"The perfect first book to read about Balanchine, and intelligent enough to have value for more knowledgeable admirers as well."
Polymath critic Teachout (The Skeptic, 2002, etc.) cogently introduces general readers and dance neophytes to the choreographer who reinvented ballet for the 20th century. Read full book review >
THE SKEPTIC by Terry Teachout
Released: Nov. 7, 2002

"A balanced portrait of the muckraking newsman, and an excursion into American intellectual history and journalism."
The first full-scale biography in a generation of the great journalist, editor, and social critic (1880-1956), extending and in some ways supplanting the ones that have come before it. Read full book review >
CITY LIMITS by Terry Teachout
Released: Oct. 1, 1991

"He raises some interesting, heartfelt questions; it's a shame he doesn't answer any of them."
Curiously unresolved musings about the path that led Teachout (ed., Beyond the Boom, 1990) from small-town America to New York City. Read full book review >