Books by Thierry Elfezzani

SIX CHICKS by Henrietta Branford
Released: Sept. 15, 2005

It's bedtime for six little chicks, but the world is too interesting to allow them to sleep. Only by singing, chatting, kissing, telling stories, tucking them in shawls, rocking them in rugs and finely resorting to telling the sleepy-time secret spell is Red Hen able to get them all to sleep, one by one. As each succumbs, she gathers them in her arms and travels a little nearer to the safety of the henhouse. Close observers will enjoy pointing out the fox, squirrel and rabbit; while fox waits for his opportunity, the others chase him away. Young readers will be sure to find something familiar from their own bedtime routine, and parents of sleep-resistant children may just find an idea or two to try. Elfezzani's animal renderings have rather stilted facial expressions, especially considering the tender topic, but the lush color-saturated art has a soothing quality of its own. Illustrations that include smallish main characters and action in the background will suit older toddlers and preschoolers. A gentle countdown to bedtime. (Picture book. 3-5)Read full book review >