Books by Thomas Bernhard

Thomas Bernhard was born in 1931 in Heerlen, Netherlands as an illegitimate child to Herta Fabjan (1904-1950) and the carpenter Alois Zuckerstätter (1905-1940). Bernhard spent much of his early childhood with his maternal grandparents in Vienna and Seeki

FROST by Thomas Bernhard
Released: Oct. 19, 2006

"Great stuff, but it won't make you feel good."
The late, brilliant Austrian writer's first (1963) novel, previously untranslated, is a characteristic excoriation of all things great and small and the tragicomedy of existence. Read full book review >
THE VOICE IMITATOR by Thomas Bernhard
Released: Dec. 1, 1997

"Mordantly funny, thanks to the straightforward tone in which they're presented, these uneasy pieces are a perfect distillation of the graveyard wit and unsettling wisdom of one of the great literary pessimists."
The Voice Imitator ($17.95; Dec. 1997; 115 pp.; 0-226-04401-7): A vision of a world ruled by impulse and accident emerges with ruthless clarity from this collection of 104 nihilistic vignettes (first published in 1978) by the late (193189) Austrian novelist and playwright. Read full book review >
EXTINCTION by Thomas Bernhard
Released: Aug. 23, 1995

"Its picture of a lonely, stunned, self-torturing soul is unforgettable."
The final novel, published in Germany in 1986, from the Austrian virtuoso (193189) whose bleakly pessimistic fiction (The Loser, 1991, etc.) echoes the classic misanthropy of his obvious literary ancestors, Jonathan Swift and Louis-Ferdinand CÇline. Read full book review >
THE LOSER by Thomas Bernhard
Released: Sept. 1, 1991

"Clever, difficult, and demanding: an apt swan song from an heir of Kafka and Beckett."
Marvelous tour de force from the late Austrian writer Bernhard (Wittgenstein's Nephew, 1989, etc.): a mostly unparagraphed account, first published in 1983 in Germany, of an imaginary friendship with the pianist Glenn Gould. Read full book review >