Books by Thomas Enger

PIERCED by Thomas Enger
Released: Oct. 2, 2012

"Even so, this dark and resourceful tale is a distinct improvement on Enger's murky debut (Burned, 2011)."
Norway's 123news reporter Henning Juul's continued search for the man he's convinced set the fire that killed his son, Jonas, two years ago entangles him in a web of more recent crimes. Read full book review >
BURNED by Thomas Enger
Released: Oct. 4, 2011

"Though it hits as many hot buttons as a Cosmopolitan quiz, Enger's debut mystery is tangled, lumpy and forgettable. The keeper here is Henning, whom the fadeout launches toward a sequel."
The latest in the endless series of claimants to Stieg Larsson's throne brings a suitably damaged investigative journalist a new case. Read full book review >