Books by Thomas Harris

CARI MORA by Thomas Harris
Released: May 21, 2019

"Refreshingly, entertainingly creepy and with nary a fava bean in sight."
Morbid mysterian Harris (Hannibal Rising, 2006, etc.) returns with a trademark mix of murderous psychopaths and morally iffy good guys. Read full book review >
HANNIBAL by Thomas Harris
Released: July 6, 1999

You don't have to get very far into Hannibal, the novel in which Thomas Harris finally brings back literature's most distinguished cannibal, to be reminded of Star Wars. You don't have to wait for Harris's made-for-the-movies action sequences, like the abortive opening drug bust that puts FBI agent Clarice Starling on the hot seat, or the grisly set pieces that will keep the special effects people working nights, like the climactic sequence in which the tenth through fourteenth victims die impossibly cinematic deaths. You don't even have to know about the novel's $10 million movie sale to Dino de Laurentiis. No, all you have to recognize is Hannibal's position as the literary world's answer to Star Wars, the summer's other pre-sold property, the one title that had bookstores across America opening at midnight so that they could feed customer frenzy the moment it was officially published on June 8. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 29, 1988

" Lecter emerges as one of the great villains of thrillerdom, and this novel, likely to garner a huge readership, as one of the most gripping reads of the year."
With this stunning sequel to his 1981 blockbuster, Red Dragon, Harris (Black Sunday, 1975) seals his reputation as a thriller-master by delivering a deeply involving, blood-freezing tale of a young female F.B.I. trainee on the trail of a serial killer. Read full book review >