Books by Thomas Mogford

SLEEPING DOGS by Thomas Mogford
Released: July 7, 2015

"The first half of Spike's fourth rolls slowly. Once its focus shifts to treating its fully drawn characters as suspects, however, it has the satisfying flavor of a classic whodunit."
A high-powered Gibraltarian lawyer cuts short an idyllic vacation to defend a hapless man accused of a brutal murder. Read full book review >
SIGN OF THE CROSS by Thomas Mogford
Released: May 7, 2013

"The author overuses changes in tense as a literary device, throwing in the requisite ho-hum evil conspiracy or two, but the cons don't outweigh the pros in this hard-hitting, no-holds-barred novel that will leave readers panting for the next installment."
In the second novel of his series (Shadow of the Rock, 2012), Mogford sets up his unconventional hero for a third volume in the violent world of Gibraltar-based attorney Spike Sanguinetti. Read full book review >