Books by Thomas Wheeler

THE ARCANUM by Thomas Wheeler
Released: April 27, 2004

"Much ado about a sillier-than-average MacGuffin."
In a mostly incomprehensible debut, the creator of Sherlock Holmes musters an elite task force to beat the devil in this. Read full book review >
HOME IS WHERE WE LIVE by Cornerstone Community Outreach
Released: Sept. 15, 1995

In a book subtitled, ``Life at a Shelter Through a Young Girl's Eyes,'' an unnamed girl describes her life in a homeless shelter, from the night she arrives with her family to their departure for a new apartment. The black-and-white collage of cropped photographs are sometimes tinted; an appalling design and low-quality photos detract from the message of comfort and hope that underscores the activities shown. Life at the shelter looks like so much fun that it's no surprise that the narrator is ambivalent about leaving. With a dearth of materials on the homeless, it's tempting to take any port in a storm. Despite the good intentions shot through this project, the confusing, jumbled presentation does no service to its subject or readers. (Picture book/nonfiction. 6-10) Read full book review >