Books by Tiki Barber

JUMP SHOT by Tiki Barber
Released: Nov. 5, 2013

"Lively basketball action and life lessons aplenty, some more realistic than others. (Fiction. 8-12)"
In their seventh book, Hidden Valley Junior High's star footballers Tiki and Ronde Barber keep busy in the offseason by playing basketball. Read full book review >
RED ZONE by Tiki Barber
Released: Aug. 31, 2010

There's no modesty going to waste here as the Barber twins star as themselves in another in their series of football hero tales. Here, Tiki and Ronde are eighth graders hoping for a run to the state championships. However, football fever has hit Hidden Valley Junior High School—literally, in the form of chicken pox—and when players start coming down with the pox, Tiki and Ronde fear the worst: If they get sick, what will the team do without its best athletes? Along with the usual sports messages of teamwork, hard work, keeping the faith, dreams and picking yourself up when you don't succeed, the novel adds didacticism and narcissism to the mix. Still, lots of football action, an exuberant use of exclamation points and a plot that runs like a footrace for the end zone will keep credulous young readers flying through the pages. And with ninth grade still ahead for the Barbers, more volumes are likely in the works. (Fiction. 8-12)Read full book review >
KICKOFF! by Tiki Barber
Released: Oct. 23, 2007

Twelve-year-old twins Tiki and Ronde Barber live with their single mother and play football as often as possible. Now they are starting junior high and ready to try out for the school team. Unfortunately, things aren't going as planned. Their mother has requested that they be in separate classes, and neither boy feels comfortable raising his hand, for fear of being mocked. Tough kids are present and need to be dealt with, and worst of all, while both make the football team, neither is first string. Each problem is addressed in turn: Through her participation in an environmental campaign, their mother proves that speaking out can be important; the tough kids calm down once football begins; and while the boys spend most of their time practicing and warming the bench, they both get to play in games and assert their individuality in the process. A straightforward, appealing read inspired by the experiences of the Barber twins, two real-life NFL superstars, this will be particularly popular with boys and sports fans. Includes a glossary of football terms. (Fiction. 8-12)Read full book review >
TEAMMATES by Tiki Barber
Released: Oct. 1, 2006

Sincerity and veracity are the hallmarks of the Barbers' books. Both are top-flight, professional football players, so they know their topic and base their stories on their own experiences as boys. Here their issue is teamwork and practice as Tiki practices the right way to hang on to the ball and they work together to perfect their schoolboy game. But it's the everyday atmosphere of kids involved in football—and, by extension, any sport—at which the Barbers excel. Given a strong supporting hand by Root's artwork, with its sense of late summer drifting into early autumn and the changing of the leaves, the Barbers create a world of Saturday morning pick-up practices, poring over record books and dreaming of glory. If the big game does drag on somewhat, it also helps in understanding that's how the players are experiencing it: Can't this game just end now (while we're ahead, and before there is another chance to fumble the ball)? A lesson of building self-confidence through steadfast pursuit of a goal that's easy to believe and enjoyable to attain. (Picture book. 6-10)Read full book review >
GAME DAY by Tiki Barber
Released: Oct. 1, 2005

Kids who have played any sport in a vital but unsung capacity will identify with this second outing from the Barbers, twin professional football players. Ronde is a blocking back for the Cave Spring Vikings, and his brother Tiki is the ball carrier. Tiki garners much admiration for snapping off long touchdown runs, not leastwise the result of his brother's crack downfield blocking. Guess who gets the kudos? In no way is Ronde embittered, though he sure would like some recognition for his contribution. As he talks with his teammates, his coach and his mother, he realizes that his hard work has not gone unnoticed and that everyone has a role to play to insure the team's success. The Barbers' cool voice and warmth of camaraderie are giveaways that Ronde will get a shot at the limelight, but the message scores its own goal: Everyone has a critical part to play on a team and everyone can revel in the accomplishments. Lots of great football talk and Root's rich colors of amber, green and deep blue bring the field to life. (Picture book. 6-10)Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 1, 2004

The Barber twins not only play professional football for the NFL, they're also both great enough to be stars. But once upon a time they were just brothers growing up with the typical scrapes and bruises that come with playing hard. In Tiki's case, there was a more serious injury when he tumbled over the handlebars of his bike, severely damaging his leg. The doctor said he might not play sports again. Twins always have a special bond, but this real-life story shows how Ronde helped Tiki through his trial and back to the football field. Heeding mom's stick-to-it, work-hard advice, they keep at it and begin to dream of the Super Bowl, in which they both go on to play. Root's sunny illustrations are a bit tame for such rambunctious kids, but the story will inspire those peewee football players out there who are recuperating from their own breaks, sprains, and aches. Every pediatric orthopedist in America should keep this book in their waiting room. A great gift for brothers, too. (Picture book. 5-8)Read full book review >