Books by Timothy Rhodes

THE HUMMINGBIRD'S GIFT by Stefan Czernecki
Released: April 28, 1994

"Note. (Picture book. 4-9)"
Inspired by the Tarascan Indian custom of weaving delicate straw figures for holidays, this tale explains how the people of Tzintzuntzan, Mexico, learned to make them. Read full book review >
THE SINGING SNAKE by Stefan Czernecki
Released: April 19, 1993

"Czernecki illustrates this nicely balanced retelling of an Australian pourquoi tale with glowing illustrations in jewel-like tones, incorporating stylized aboriginal motifs in his striking, decorative designs. (Folklore/Picture book. 4-8)"
When ``Old Man'' promises to make a musical instrument in honor of the creature with the most beautiful voice, Snake cheats: Jealous of Lark's song but unable to imitate it, he captures the bird in his throat. Read full book review >
PANCHO'S PIÑATA by Stefan Czernecki
Released: Sept. 14, 1992

"The story here is unexceptional, but it serves to showcase customs surrounding the pi§ata and the posada; the well-designed illustrations, in the vibrant colors that characterize Mexican art, are decorative and appealing. (Picture book. 4-8)"
As little Pancho—dressed as an angel—leads his village's Christmas Eve procession, he hears the cries of a star impaled on an ancient cactus and frees it with his long staff. Read full book review >

"The story is overlong, and its telling, while smooth, is bit clichÇd; however, the richly decorative illustrations, employing stylized figures and folk-art motifs dramatically displayed on white ground, make this an attractive addition to holiday collections."
When food grows scarce, generous old Katerina feeds her hen, Nina, her flower seeds; in the spring, Nina produces extraordinary patterned eggs, initiating the custom of decorating eggs for spring festivals. Read full book review >