Books by Tizio BV

THE MUD MONSTER by Chantal Bourgonje
Released: Aug. 20, 2013

"A story that is as happy as a clam at high tide. (Requires iOS 6 and above.) (iPad storybook app. 3-6)"
A fanciful, almost dreamy little story featuring a turtle, a goose, a rabbit and—who would want it otherwise?—a monster. Read full book review >
developed by Tizio BV, by Bianca Lucas, illustrated by Bianca Lucas
Released: April 10, 2012

"It's fun being an astronaut, but the vastness of the galaxy would seem to demand a little more investigation than this app provides. (iPad storybook app. 2-6)"
A cute-enough, toy-filled app about space with one killer gimmick, this trip to the cosmos seems more like a quick orbit than any kind of deep exploration. Read full book review >
THE EDIBLE SUIT by Edward Lear
Released: Feb. 23, 2012

"Smooth pans of the double-screen illustrations and interactive features that are as high in child appeal as the sidesplitting plot add up to an unusually successful crossover to the digital domain. (iPad storybook app. 6-9)"
Rapid tapping calls up cascades of pigs, pork chops and more from this lightly edited version of Lear's hilarious "The New Vestments." Read full book review >
FIERCE GREY MOUSE by Chantal Bourgonje
Released: May 16, 2011

"Here's hoping that Bourgonje will offer up more. (iPad storybook app. 2-8)"
Little Grey Mouse aims to become fierce in this winsome story about child's play and make-believe. Read full book review >