Books by Toby Morison

Released: June 1, 2007

Little Louie, a small, black bird, is the only one of the chicks in his family who has yet to learn to fly. He loves to watch airplanes, though, and keeps track of the ones he sees in a special notebook. When the time comes to migrate, his parents have to book him passage on an airliner. He arrives in the south well before them. From his rooftop perch, he watches a penguin in a zoo and wishes for a friend. While watching, Louis's return ticket flutters away in a breeze; without thinking, he swoops after it and finds he can fly. He makes friends with the penguin, Gwynn, and has a great surprise (his ability to fly) for his family when they finally arrive. When it's time to return north, Louie gives his ticket to his new friend. Though the palette is muted, the often silly illustrations are the strongest feature of this British import. Louie's siblings are supportive, but his father is not and the text is wordy and dull. A passable addition to the bird-who-can't-fly-themed literature. (Picture book. 2-5)Read full book review >