Books by Todd Demong

100 GIRLS by Adam Gallardo
Released: June 17, 2008

Tiny, blond Sylvia Mark is an outsider in her suburban neighborhood—being a 13-year-old overachiever in high school definitely has its downside, especially when her older classmates decide to pick fights with her. She is plagued by horrific, bloody dreams, and her moody outbursts have her doting parents worried sick. Meanwhile, teams of shadowy figures keep close watch on Sylvia, reporting back to Dr. Tabitha Carver, a scientist with a warehouse full of genetically engineered girls. Sylvia's eventual decision to flee from home sets events—and the breakneck pace of this graphic novel—in motion, as Sylvia begins to unravel the mystery of her existence and fights off a succession of Carver's henchmen. Illustrator Demong's clean, bold drawings pair nicely with the abundant action; his considerable skill in creating the suggestion of fluidity is an excellent match for a work featuring so many knock-down-drag-out fights. Though the pace is fun, Gallardo's storytelling fails to compel, doing nothing new with the tropes of this familiar science-fiction story and rendering Sylvia's quest ultimately uninteresting. (Graphic fiction. YA)Read full book review >