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One of the oft repeated clichés of writing tips is the phrase “Write what you know.” In countless workshops instructors often touch back on the theme of pulling from one’s experiences to bring a story to life. If we believe in the wisdom of the advice dis

DRAGON'S TIME by Anne McCaffrey
Released: June 28, 2011

"A sadly inadequate exemplar of a beloved, classic series that is clearly long past its sell-by date."
Anne and Todd McCaffrey return once too often to the planet Pern, where humans ride telepathic dragons to fight a mindless alien menace. Read full book review >
DRAGONSBLOOD by Todd McCaffrey
Released: Jan. 25, 2005

"Series fans were not all that delighted with the joint effort Dragon's Kin (2003), which had inconsistencies with earlier installments, but the saga can probably coast on its affectionate readership. "
Son and collaborator Todd's first solo Dragonriders of Pern novel, with mother Anne's introductory blessing. Read full book review >
DRAGON’S KIN by Anne McCaffrey
Released: Dec. 1, 2003

"Should charm the young."
Fifteenth in the Dragonriders of Pern series, with McCaffrey's son Todd taking up the dragon reins as co-author and heir. Read full book review >