Books by Tom Eslick

Tom Eslick is an English teacher at a boarding school in Andover, New Hampshire, his home and the area serving as inspiration for his novels. He has been hiking in the White Mountains for more than thirty years. He is also a professional singer and guitar

Released: April 28, 2005

"Unlike Nevada Barr, Eslick seems uncomfortable with mystery and uninterested in developing his characters; he gives his killer a motive that would have taken a lot more preparation to be convincing. But when school's out, he runs some great field trips."
Science teacher Will Buchanan meets more murder in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Read full book review >
DEADLY KIN by Tom Eslick
Released: Sept. 15, 2003

"The mystery is ragtag, with shadowy characters passing through like rush-hour traffic. The outdoor adventure sequences, though, are worth the price of admission."
Mysteries sprout from every corner of New Hampshire's White Mountains. Read full book review >
SNOW KILL by Tom Eslick
Released: May 1, 2000

"Taking the pistol is a mistake Chad will pay dearly for when the police, linking it to the shootings of three men tattooed with pentagrams, come after him for murder—in Eslick's second novel (Tracked in the Whites, not reviewed)."
Summoned by a routine call to the side of wounded hunter Joseph Rodriguez, New Hampshire EMT Chad Duquette removes a 9mm pistol, not exactly a hunter's weapon, from the wounded man's hand minutes before Rodriguez's buddy Glenn Chambers is shot dead from ambush. Read full book review >