Books by Tom Lowe

THE 24TH LETTER by Tom Lowe
Released: March 16, 2010

"The fast pace and physical smackdowns will be perfect for fans of TV's 24."
An innocent man is scheduled to be executed in 84 hours. Read full book review >
A FALSE DAWN by Tom Lowe
Released: April 14, 2009

"Lowe's prose waxes elegiac in describing Florida wildlife but wanes clumsy in plumbing motive and personal narrative. By midpoint, his plot has boiled over with enough action to power a soap opera for months. One can only hope that the promised sequel will be more streamlined."
Widower Sean O'Brien, ex-Miami Homicide, makes his debut. Read full book review >
SPIN by Tom Lowe
Released: July 7, 1998

"A hilarious hash of political low-jinks, thinly fictionalized gossip, and clever jabs at high-living conservatives that charms and scandalizes with disarming ease."
Delightfully trashy morality tale posing as a Primary Colors political roman Ö clef, this time dishing and damning the Republican camp. Read full book review >