Books by Tom Stanton

Released: June 1, 2016

"First-rate reporting and a seminar in how to employ context in investigative and historical journalism."
A veteran journalist uses a variety of lenses to illuminate the dark story of the Black Legion, an association of murderous (white) domestic terrorists who briefly thrived in the upper Midwest. Read full book review >
Released: June 9, 2003

"How baseball turns boys into men, and vice versa, considered with feeling and a bittersweet edge."
Baseball maven Stanton's sentimental The Final Season (2000) earned him an invitation to speak during induction week at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Here, he recounts that event—and a lot more. Read full book review >
Released: June 15, 2000

"That's just right: Stanton's is another entry in the roster of excellent works devoted to baseball, sure to please fans of the game."
A fan's affectionate notes on America's game—one whose spirit seems to be at grave risk. Read full book review >