Books by Tomie Arai

Released: Oct. 15, 1993

A bilingual presentation of a fifth-century Chinese legend, adapted from a poem recorded hundreds of years later during the Soong Dynasty. When Hua Mu Lan reads a notice requiring ``one man from every household'' for the Emperor's army, she volunteers to go—in disguise—in her elderly father's place. The first day, she boldly leads a charge. ``She wins in a hundred battles./Ten years like arrows fly by./She gains the rank of General./Her legend will never die.'' Then, turning down a noble title and office, she returns to her father and accepts the offer of a former companion in arms who, once he recovers from his surprise, promises to honor her as his wife as he did as his friend. This ancient tale of an honorable and intrepid warrior who retains her womanliness is of interest despite Chin's awkward verse; it is also given in a Chinese translation by Wang Zing Chu, handsomely set on scroll-like panels. Arai's art is colorful and decorative. (Folklore/Picture book. 5-10) Read full book review >