Books by Tony Strong

THE DEATH PIT by Tony Strong
Released: Aug. 1, 1999

"A nosegay for historical-mystery fans, and strong stuff for readers hungry for mystery-mongering on a grand scale—assuming they won't be put off by Terry's vigorous pansexuality."
Desperate to complete an acceptable dissertation before her funding runs out, Oxford researcher Therese Williams, who's already survived one harrowing brush with murder (The Poison Tree, 1997), gloms onto the unpublished letters of Catherine McCulloch, burned as a witch in 1698, as manna from heaven. Read full book review >
THE POISON TREE by Tony Strong
Released: Dec. 1, 1997

"Even more brutally than recent work by Peter Robinson and Ruth Rendell, Strong's debut mocks the age-old distinction between cozy and nasty, producing the lowest revelations about higher education you've ever seen."
Fleeing her divorce and the lesbian affair it's tumbled her into, ad executive Theresa Williams returns to Oxford to pick up her postgraduate work in detective fiction. Read full book review >