Books by Tova Reich

MY HOLOCAUST by Tova Reich
Released: April 3, 2007

"An exceptionally sacred cow is slaughtered by a clever but monotonous barrage of words."
A harshly provocative satire on the commodification of the Holocaust and competition for greater victimhood. Read full book review >
THE JEWISH WAR by Tova Reich
Released: July 25, 1995

"An effectively unsettling mix of the satiric and tragic (and conceivably prophetic): Reich has lost none of her bite and insight, and may well have gained a new summit in her literary achievements."
The earthy yet transcendent wit of Reich's previous efforts (Master of the Return, 1988; Mara, 1978) takes a grim, decidedly unfunny twist in this story of zealots and conflict in the heart of Israel. Read full book review >