Books by Trevor Wilson

Released: April 1, 2000

"A book that can rest on the coffee tables of military history buffs, serious readers should look elsewhere."
An attractively illustrated (if rather shallow) history of the major events of WWI, Prior and Wilson's (Command on the Western Front,1992; Passchendaele: The Untold Story,1996) book is part of a multi-volume series on the history of war from ancient to modern times. Read full book review >
Released: Oct. 16, 1996

"A finely researched analysis of what happened to a lost generation of youth, badly used by callous generals. (History Book Club selection)"
A somber narrative of the third battle of Ypres, the failed British drive in 1917 to capture strategic Belgian channel ports held by the Germans in WW I. Australian coauthors of Command in the Western Front (1992), Prior (History/Univ. of New South Wales) and Wilson (History/Univ. of Adelaide) provide insight into the thinking (or lack of it) of the British high command and politicians in initiating an offensive against the Germans, who occupied large areas of France and Belgium. Read full book review >