Books by Troy CLE

Released: Nov. 10, 2009

At the end of the first book in this series, teenagers Louis, Cyndi and Devon were abducted, their bodies left in this dimension's Earth as their spirits were translated to Midlandia, a world mortally wounded by an unknown source. Now, each of them wants to return home to family and friends, but two armed camps of Midlandian inhabitants battle to prevent this. This sequel explores the makeup of the teens' talents as well as the nature of each one's responsibilities. Structured in levels like a video game, this installment lacks the speed and impetus (and much of the explicit violence) of the first book—there's much more tell here than show. The portrayal of the large cast of secondary characters remains sketchy, sometime adding suspense but just as often creating confusion. The resolution is not totally satisfying, ending as it does on a cliffhanger. Lack of an integrated back story will make this volume challenging for readers new to the series, but fans of the first novel will devour it and wait breathlessly for the next. (Fantasy. 11-13)Read full book review >
Released: May 22, 2007

Death and destruction reign in this first novel that reads like a shooter video game written by a hip-hop aficionado. A prologue sets up the scenario with the escape of the evil eNoli from the Marvelous World. Louis L. Proof, a regular all-American kid living in suburban New Jersey, is dragged from his everyday life to battle these invaders from the world of Midlandia. From the start, the action is fast, the suspense constant and the story always entertaining. It doesn't hurt that the young characters—Louis, his cousin Angela and his wise-cracking friend Brandon—are likable and well-developed, as are their Midlandian allies. The evil invaders don't fare so well, being both cartoonish and predictable. Narrative techniques include an omniscient narrator, bold-faced comments and pep talks, letters and flashbacks. A complex mix of fantasy and science fiction will appeal strongly to adventure fans, gamers and reluctant readers. The combination of ambitious narrative, some overly explicit violent episodes and a few vulgarities will require maturity on the part of readers. (Fantasy. 11-13)Read full book review >