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THE WAY OF THE ROSE by Valery Leith
Released: Sept. 4, 2001

Conclusion to Leith's remarkable fantasy trilogy (The Company of Glass, 1999; The Riddled Night, 2000) about the magical land of Everien, previously a battleground between various barbarian tribes and the Pharician Empire, once—in the distant past, or the far future—home to a culture of astounding complexity and accomplishments, now carved into isolated territorial blocks (time runs at different rates within each block) by the time-serpent unleashed by Jaya Paradox. Created by the Everiens to confine the time-serpent and its attendant monsters, Jaya was also once the Sekk, Night, hated and reviled for her ability to enslave entire armies. Warrior Tarquin, weary of pursuing Jaya, gets eaten by the magical steed, Ice, and thereby acquires the horse's ability to move through time. Warrior-heiress Istar discovers that the bones of her beloved, the triple-bodied birdman Eteltar, can form magical bridges between Everien's sundered blocks of time. The time-serpent wants to gain the ability to reproduce, even though its wormlike offspring have already parasitized the evil schemer Grietar. (All this barely scratches the surface.) Can anyone, characters or readers, add it up? Well, key will be Jaya's ability to decipher the program codes that determine the shape of reality. And yes, mostly—and perhaps amazingly—it does make sense. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 8, 2000

"Messy, certainly, and sometimes slow, but the real attraction here, as in book one, is Leith's shimmering, vaulting imagination: complex, enigmatic, seemingly limitless, her creations nonetheless have a satisfyingly plausible shape and weight and structure."
Second part of Leith's trilogy (The Company of Glass, 1999) about the land of Everien and its ancient, bizarre, half-forgotten magic. Now, in deep winter, the Clans that supported the Pharician warrior Tash are already chafing under their conqueror's heel. The Pharician Emperor, Hezene, sends his beautiful daughter, Ukili, to marry Tash—but accompanying Ukili are an assassin-mage disguised as a Scholar; Chee the talking bird; Quiz, a skyfalcon (a species considered extinct); and Quiz's handler, the waif Liaku. Elsewhere, rich heiress and warrior Istar becomes fascinated by the bird-man Eteltar, who's not only a mage but also a deadly Sekk, one of the mysterious species whose slaving-spells are causing mayhem and war across Everien. The skeleton of a flying man has been found in Tyger Pass, at the same time that Quiz appeared; the Pharician emperor sends an army to recover it. Weary warrior Tarquin, marooned a thousand years in the past, meets their fascinating, baffling time serpents; his beloved, Jaya, trapped in time and threatened by monsters, may also be the merciless Sekk called Night, Tarquin's bitter foe. The Clans battle for control of the Fire Houses, Tash's source of magic weapons—but what will happen if the time serpents are freed to move through time itself?Read full book review >