Books by Vaughn Davis Bornet

HAPPY TRAVEL DIARIES by Vaughn Davis Bornet
Released: Oct. 14, 2016

"A collection that will be of most interest to the author's family members, but will also serve as a primary source for travel historians."
Five diaries relate a family's travel experiences in the United States and Europe by plane, train, and automobile. Read full book review >
LOVERS IN WARTIME 1944-1945 by Vaughn Davis Bornet
Released: July 9, 2015

"A well-curated, if sometimes-repetitive, compilation."
Bornet (Speaking Up For America, 2011, etc.) collects many of the love letters that he exchanged with his late wife during World War II.Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 19, 2011

"A thoughtful meditation on the importance—and limitations—of American military power.
Americans are summoned to rally around the beleaguered flag during the Vietnam War era in these ardent patriotic speeches. Read full book review >