Books by Veronica Wolff

TIMBER CREEK by Veronica Wolff
Released: Dec. 31, 2012

Coming back to her small hometown to regroup, Laura Bailey sets her sights on expanding her family's lodge-and-diner business. Read full book review >

BLOOD FEVER by Veronica Wolff
Released: Aug. 7, 2012

"A high-octane vampire thriller without too much emotional weight. (Paranormal suspense. 14 & up)"
This third installment in Wolff's Watchers series maintains snappy dialogue and a zippy pace despite a seemingly grim set of circumstances. Read full book review >
VAMPIRE'S KISS by Veronica Wolff
Released: March 6, 2012

"Entertaining but underdeveloped. (Paranormal suspense. 12 & up)"
An atmosphere of tension rescues this imaginative but otherwise thin addition to the vampire-fiction craze. Read full book review >