Books by Vic Cox

Released: July 1, 1997

For readers who need just the facts, this installment in the Issues in Focus series presents statistics on gun-related violence and fatalities as it explores both sides of the gun control issue. It's a well-researched, relevant effort, but readers will find it hard to wade through the catalogue of nitty-gritty statistics. The few passages of anecdotal narrative pique interest, but there isn't enough opinion and analysis to break up the information and incite discussion. The facts are well organized; highlights include the chapters on the history of gun use, gun laws in different states, and violence-prevention efforts. This resource will work best in conjunction with more impassioned fare, e.g., Janet Bode and Stan Mack's Hard Time (1996). (b&w illustrations, not seen, index, further reading) (Fiction. 11+) Read full book review >