Books by Vicki Hearne

Released: Jan. 12, 1994

"All happiness is animal happiness,'' says Hearne—including, then, the reader happiness produced by this smart, passionate, and challenging work."
The cat publishing craze may be going to the dogs: Elizabeth Marshall Thomas's The Hidden Life of Dogs is a bestseller, while a grinning canine recently graced the cover of Newsweek. Read full book review >
BANDIT by Vicki Hearne
Released: Nov. 6, 1991

"Digressive, almost epistolary; soul-baring and politically volatile; and simply one of the most perceptive works about the social contracts between humans and animals ever written."
An astonishingly resonant meditation by animal-trainer Hearne (Adam's Task, 1986; The White German Shepherd, 1988) on the implications of her ongoing—and well-publicized—fight to keep the state of Connecticut from killing ``Bandit,'' a biting ``pit bull.'' ``Pit bull'' is in quotation marks because, as Hearne emphasizes, Bandit, despite media claims, is not really a pit bull- -that is, he's not an American Pit Bull Terrier. Read full book review >