Books by Vicki Hendricks

SKY BLUES by Vicki Hendricks
Released: Feb. 18, 2002

"Less successful as narrative than as a comprehensive museum of neo-noir motifs."
The about-to-have-sex scenes have always been the most distinctive feature of Hendricks's steamy neo-noirs (Iguana Love, 1999, etc.), and here she extends them to cover practically every page. Read full book review >
IGUANA LOVE by Vicki Hendricks
Released: Oct. 27, 1999

"The novelty of those depths offers a form of satisfaction, but also this nagging question: How much hope for women's noir can there be when a story by one of its more promising proponents boils down to having sex with a dead iguana?"
Hendricks's debut novel (Miami Purity, 1995) drew favorable attention for its noirish perversity, and her second follows suit—this time with the Miami heat driving a sexy young thing hellbent on her own destruction to new heights of bestiality. Read full book review >
MIAMI PURITY by Vicki Hendricks
Released: July 21, 1995

"Perfect beach reading: Everybody around you will mistake your hours-long blush for a sunburn."
Hendricks's first is a guilty pleasure, a jolt of '90s female noir so close to the edge you have to wonder if it's another send-up Ö la Naked Came the Stranger. Read full book review >