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Victor McGlothin nearly forfeited an athletic scholarship to college due to poor reading skills. His desire to overcome that obstacle has evolved into a joy in sharing the written word through passionate tales of suspense and drama. Victor is a freelance

AUTUMN LEAVES by Victor McGlothin
Released: Sept. 16, 2002

"Credible, honest look at a hot-button issue in the African-American community: a first, originally self-published, from this Dallas-based author."
Black college athletes and young professionals confront the specter of AIDS. Kennedy James isn't happy about her relationship with Simpson Stone, a rich businessman with a taste for kinky sex. He's a control freak and too demanding, especially in bed—and she doesn't know how her Prince Charming turned into such a nasty toad, though she keeps on seeing him. Segue to the football field of the University of Texas Consolidated, where Marshall Coates and Rorey Garland are knocking out the opposition. Later, Marshall's girlfriend Jasmine tells him to stay out of Rorey's private life. Word up: the man might be gay. He certainly doesn't seem interested in women, but Jasmine thinks that's his business. Then Rorey confides in best friend Marshall: his last girlfriend died of AIDS, and now he's crossed the divide from HIV-positive to a full-blown case of AIDS himself. So that's why he doesn't fool around—except for one last fling with predatory debutante Shauni Woodbridge, during which the condom breaks. Rorey sticks a gun in his mouth and shoots himself. The circle of infection widens, and Kennedy James is eventually diagnosed with AIDS. Moving from denial to acceptance in a group called Autumn Leaves is her only solace as the disease slowly progresses. Read full book review >