Books by Virginia Austin

SAILOR BEAR by Martin Waddell
Released: April 1, 1992

With unerring simplicity and grace, the prolific Waddell fashions yet another Distinctive tale for the very young. The little bear is lost, but he knows what to do: since he's wearing a sailor suit, he'll go to sea. The boats look too big, so he finds himself a piece of a barrel; the sea is enormous, so he scouts out a peaceful stream, but even that grows unexpectedly rough and he capsizes. Wondering what to do next but still unperturbed, he's spotted by a little girl who takes him home. Now he's ``found,'' and again he knows what to do: ``he cuddled up...and he stayed.'' The self-reliance and childlike logic of this gentle toy character are truly appealing. Austin's understated rough pencil sketches, enhanced with watercolor, strike just the right note, depicting a storybook world broad enough for an imaginary adventure and cozy enough to come home to. A charming choice for lap or group. (Picture book. 2-6) Read full book review >