Books by Virginia Swift

HELLO, STRANGER by Virginia Swift
Released: March 3, 2006

"Sally's love life is not nearly as interesting as the author thinks it is, and the rest of the plot is about two decades behind the advent of women's lib."
What do women really want? Read full book review >
BAD COMPANY by Virginia Swift
Released: June 18, 2002

"Despite all the activity, this sophomore effort is a tad heavy-handed, with too many dysfunctional relatives, too much kissy-kissy between Hawk and Sally, and a final twist that doesn't quite ring true."
Trashy Monette Bandy, who dropped her panties for any man, no matter how mean or ugly, seems to have dropped them once too often. Read full book review >
BROWN-EYED GIRL by Virginia Swift
Released: April 6, 2000

"It's inspiring to drink in her passionate view of middle age and her insistence that one's character outlasts one's youth and indiscretions."
A soaring debut from Swift, who combines a bittersweet romance, resumed after a 20-year hiatus, with academic infighting, paramilitary paranoia, and a puzzle dating back to WWII. Read full book review >