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ARE WE THERE YET, DADDY? by Virginia Walters
Released: Sept. 1, 1999

From the back seat it comes, steady as a metronome, deadly as an asp: "Are we there yet?" Walters understands that the only true way to tame this beast is to impart a sense of geography and to teach the fundamentals of map reading, which help convey a sense of movement through space. Every spread comes with an inset map to measure a father and son's progress to grandmother's house (notched off in ten-mile intervals). The map gives both a notion of orientation as well as a hint at the topography they are passing through. Walters's versified travelogue explains what's happening outside the window in greater detail and features an exchange that is repeated every 10 miles: " ‘Are we there yet, Daddy?' Daddy says, ‘No.' ‘How much farther do we have to go?' ‘Just look at the map, Son. Then you will know.' " The numeric countdown, and the progress the travelers are making toward their destination, add drama, and Schindler's maps have a plain-spoken clarity that make them easy to understand and enjoy. (Picture book. 3-8) Read full book review >