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Walter Satterthwait has lived in New York City and in Portland, Oregon, and abroad in Africa, Thailand, Greece, the Netherlands, England, and France. He has worked as an encyclopedia salesman, a proofreader, a bartender, and a restaurant manager. His fir

PERFECTION by Walter Satterthwait
Released: Feb. 6, 2006

"Satterthwait, whose specialty is witty period pieces (Cavalcade, 2005, etc.), doesn't bring much edge to this anthology of scenes from your favorite suspense films (Psycho, Speed, The Silence of the Lambs, etc.). The results fall short of perfection."
Tired of seeing lissome females menaced by serial killers? Here's an equal-opportunity psycho who targets plus-size victims. Read full book review >
CAVALCADE by Walter Satterthwait
Released: Feb. 10, 2005

"As for the question of who shot at Hitler, don't worry. It couldn't matter less."
News flash: Even back in 1923, somebody disliked Adolf Hitler enough to take a shot at him. Read full book review >
MASQUERADE by Walter Satterthwait
Released: July 28, 1998

"A decorative, dizzying trifle—the locked-room murder is solved with insulting casualness—that's chock-full of the stuff that made the Twenties roar."
The official verdict on poet/publisher Richard Forsythe and his latest amoureuse, Sabine von Stuben, is that their deaths were the result of a suicide pact in their bolted Paris hotel room. Read full book review >
ACCUSTOMED TO THE DARK by Walter Satterthwait
Released: Nov. 11, 1996

"B-plus for Joshua's present-day vendetta, C-minus for his interminable rehashings of the way we were."
Bang bang—and Joshua Croft's partner Rita Mondrag¢n hovers near death in a Santa Fe hospital. Read full book review >
ESCAPADE by Walter Satterthwait
Released: Aug. 16, 1995

"Style is everything here, as the author (The Hanged Man, 1993, etc.) leisurely spins humor, history, showbiz, sex, and detection into a thoroughly civilized, thoroughly pleasurable entertainment."
It's 1921, and Sir Robert Purleigh is hosting a weekend party at the family estate in Devon. Read full book review >
THE HANGED MAN by Walter Satterthwait
Released: Sept. 10, 1993

"Interesting people, humdrum detection—nothing to raise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels."
Thirteen people attended the meeting of New Age healers at which reputed Satanist Quentin Bouvier was killed—hanged from the rafters- -after outbidding dealer Leonard Quarry for astrologer Eliza Remington's antique Tarot card. Read full book review >
A FLOWER IN THE DESERT by Walter Satterthwait
Released: Aug. 14, 1992

"The author probes a currently trendy subject with sensitivity; vivid characters; suspenseful plotting; and some surprises reserved for the windup—in another satisfying Joshua Croft adventure."
Santa Fe's tenacious, even-tempered p.i. Read full book review >
WILDE WEST by Walter Satterthwait
Released: Aug. 27, 1991

"More like an extended—and marvelously relaxed—dinner party than a detective story, though Doc Holliday, who's been hovering around Wilde since the beginning of the book, provides a lovely last-minute surprise."
Yes, it's Oscar Wilde in the unlikely role of detective, as a trail of dead redheaded prostitutes along his 1882 tour route of the Old West makes it clear that someone in his company (black valet Henry Villiers? shrewd business manager Jack Vail? Read full book review >