Books by Wendy Williams

WENDY WILLIAMS is the host of The Wendy Williams Experience (WBLS 107.5 FM in NYC), which airs weekdays in the coveted 2 pm–7 pm drive-time slot, and has been named “Radio Personality of the Year” by Billboard. She is the author of The Wendy Williams Expe

MY OWN WORDS by Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Released: Oct. 4, 2016

"Only the most dedicated Ginsburg fans, and there are many, will devour everything here, but most readers will find items of interest from this icon of women's rights."
From the second woman ever appointed to the Supreme Court, a collection of writings ranging from the slight to the serious. Read full book review >
THE HORSE by Wendy Williams
Released: Oct. 27, 2015

"Anyone with a love of horses will treasure this book, which provides scholarly yet accessible insight into a beautifully constructed animal that has chosen to domesticate man, just as dogs have."
An enthusiastic history of and appreciation for all things horse. Read full book review >
Released: April 20, 2013

"A well-researched but lackluster children's book."
Australian author Williams (May We Call You Grandpa?, 2013) offers young readers insight into the lives of the small crustaceans called yabbies. Read full book review >
Released: May 7, 2007

"A caustic, subjective sociological case study."
Clean energy meets serious opposition in this partisan account of an effort to harvest wind power off the coast of Nantucket. Read full book review >
Released: June 20, 2006

"Catty antics can't save the stilted dialogue, plodding plot and unsatisfying climax."
From shock-radio deejay Williams, the story of shock-radio deejay Ritz Harper, who made her fame by viciously destroying people's reputations on air and is gunned down in the streets. Read full book review >
WENDY’S GOT THE HEAT by Wendy Williams
Released: Aug. 1, 2003

"No bling-bling, no flava."
Tiresome, simple-minded autobiography from the New York radio personality. Read full book review >