Books by Willard Gaylin

Released: June 14, 1996

"But as society reshuffles the balance between individual and community rights in the service of policy, this book—never mind its flaws—may just help pave the theoretical way. (Author tour)"
A muffled clarion call to deliberately vague action resounds in this philosophical and political attack on autonomy. Read full book review >
THE MALE EGO by Willard Gaylin
Released: Oct. 1, 1992

"His tempered commentary here has much of the same positive force as in his Rediscovering Love (1986)."
Like Sam Keen and Robert Bly, Gaylin (Adam and Eve and Pinocchio, 1990, etc.) recognizes a crisis for men, suggesting that ``two hundred years of modern civilization is undoing our evolution.'' Unlike those champions of revised masculinity, however, he rejects the quest for primitive man (``he is only too evident in our behavior''), as well as traditional measures of male success (trophy wives, the corner office), and argues instead for: more meaningful markers and rites of passage; rechanneling aggression into more adaptive patterns; and restoring feelings of pride by acknowledging the historical forces that have undermined them. Read full book review >