Books by William H. Masters

Released: March 30, 1994

Another encyclopedic tome from the renowned sex experts, loaded with research findings, practical advice, and statistics but little that's new, different, or controversial. This single volume, with its numerous illustrations, tables, and lists, covers just about everything imaginable on heterosexuality, starting with love and intimacy, for which the authors include three scholarly theories of love, nine run-of-the- mill tips on maintaining love, and some cautionary advice on excessive intimacy; followed by sensuality, which has a five-step exercise program and a ten-item list of no-no's; and sexual response, which features not only ten practical pointers but a simple magazine-style self-assessment quiz. A similar pattern is followed in chapters on ejaculatory disorders, impotence, and female sexual dysfunctions. The chapter on compulsive sexual behaviors does have four case studies, albeit of a rather mild nature (``The Underwear Bandit,'' ``Telephone Sex,'' etc.). Meanwhile, the discussions of conception, contraception, and abortion are up-to-date, including information on Norplant, approved by the FDA in 1990, and RU486, not yet approved in the States. Infertility gets cursory treatment, but this section does refer readers to sources for further information and counseling. Much of the material on AIDS, which is treated separately from other sexuality transmitted diseases, is taken from the authors' 1992 revision of Human Sexuality. Their views on adolescent sexuality will dismay the religious right, but others may find them realistic and helpful, and their comments on aging and sex are both reassuring and practical (e.g., ``Use it or lose it''). Finally, extramarital affairs get the standard treatment: a mix of research findings, quotes, and statistics; no practical tips here, though. As sensible, reliable, and familiar as a comfortable old pair of walking shoes—and about as exciting. Read full book review >