Books by William Harrington

Released: March 11, 1997

"Fans of Harrington's series (five to date) will be diverted when Columbo spots the crucial piece of evidence in his opening scene and then spends the rest of the story pretending he hasn't."
The exotically named Ai-ling Cooper-Svan, publisher and editor in chief of Glitz, that glossy bible of the hoi polloi, is one of the most powerful women in Los Angeles, but her husband, Swedish filmmaker Gunnar Svan, still treats her like a coolie, wenching behind her back, wasting her inheritance on profitless showcases for his latest conquests, and slipping kickbacks from his films' contractors into his private account. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 1996

"Kind of a drag not only for Columbo, who spends most of his time wading through red herrings, but for all except his most devoted fans."
Released: April 10, 1996

"Written in a shorthand reminiscent of police reports, this is nevertheless an entertaining and attractive read."
Detective first grade McKenna has seen firsthand many of the most notorious cases in recent Manhattan history and reports the facts in the streetwise patois of a seasoned gumshoe. Read full book review >
COLUMBO by William Harrington
Released: July 3, 1995

"Lots of action, gore, and sex in a fast-moving, well-crafted diversion that lacks the texture and tension of the author's legal thrillers."
The overriding question in Harrington's third Columbo saga (Columbo: The Helter Skelter Murders, 1994, etc.) is not who killed tawdry superstar Regina, drowned in her Beverly Hills swimming pool, but who is the old man living in her mansionthe one she slept with most nights and called Grandpa? Read full book review >
COLUMBO by William Harrington
Released: Aug. 1, 1994

"Ice cold."
Peter Falk meets Charles Manson, right? Read full book review >
TOWN ON TRIAL by William Harrington
Released: May 18, 1994

"The pacing is like a brisk tennis match as arguments go back and forth in Harrington's gripping take on reasonable doubt."
The shifting nature of truth and the difference between appearance and reality are the themes of a nicely crafted legal thriller by author/attorney Harrington (Endgame in Berlin, 1991). Read full book review >
COLUMBO: THE GRASSY KNOLL by William Harrington
Released: Nov. 1, 1993

"Who wants to read with the TV blasting in your ear?"
A print debut for Colombo, the perpetually rumpled TV detective, who, here, catches a clutch of murderers and clears up the mysteries of John Kennedy's assassination. Read full book review >
ENDGAME IN BERLIN by William Harrington
Released: Dec. 28, 1991

"The industrial gimmick easily subs for the old military problems; Berlin looks terrific; and middle age runs circles around youth."
Political realignments bring new ends to the spying business but the means stay the same—in a fine story of industrial espionage by the author of Virus, For the Defense, etc. The computer gap neatly replaces the missile gap in Harrington's clever post-cold-war thriller. Read full book review >
VIRUS by William Harrington
Released: Jan. 28, 1990

From the author of Skin Deep (1983) and For the Defense (1988), the story of Colombian cocaine overlords who wage computer warfare on America's air-control system—all in order to smuggle in a really, really big load of their corporate product. Read full book review >