Books by William Haywood Henderson

William Haywood Henderson has taught creative writing at Harvard and Brown and is a former Wallace Stegner Fellow in creative writing at Stanford. He is the author of two novels, The Rest of the Earth and Native. He grew up in Colorado and Wyoming.

AUGUSTA LOCKE by William Haywood Henderson
Released: April 10, 2006

"Self-conscious, strained myth-making clots a good story."
A near-epic saga aims for the literary stratosphere, but its purple prose drags it down. Read full book review >
THE REST OF THE EARTH by William Haywood Henderson
Released: Aug. 18, 1997

"Plot details can't start to convey the hypnotic attraction of place in this walkabout through the wilderness that transforms near-random events into a mysterious evocation of human longing at its most extreme."
Turning Wyoming's Wind River Mountains into a shadowland where dream intermingles with reality, Henderson returns to the territory of his first novel, Native (1993), to follow a 19th-century loner in his quest for his own unique place. Read full book review >
NATIVE by William Haywood Henderson
Released: March 15, 1993

"Mostly it works, though the stitches show through sometimes."
A Wyoming ranch-hand represses his homosexuality until he meets a drifter and then a Native American berdache, or wise man, and finds his own identity in the New West—in a first novel that mixes lyricism with a strong sense of place to chronicle the travails of being gay in a straight world. Read full book review >