Books by William Hoffer

WARRIORS IN EDEN by Mariano Gagnon
Released: Aug. 25, 1993

"A moderately gripping story of a modern-day hero, despite the warts. (Photos)"
A Franciscan missionary battles drug-runners and Shining Path terrorists on behalf of Peruvian Indians: a story competently told with the help of the Hoffers, specialists in coauthoring tales of Third World trauma (Midnight Express, Not Without My Daughter). Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 5, 1991

"The bottom line: pallid confessions from a scofflaw who seems to have only the vaguest perceptions of his misdeeds' significance. (Eight pages of photos—not seen.)"
If the text at hand is any indicator, the apologies of Wall Streeters at the center of the insider-trading scandals of the 1980's will be even less revelatory and ingratiating than those of Watergate accomplices who rushed into print after serving their time. Read full book review >
ADAMS V. TEXAS by Randall Adams
Released: June 18, 1991

"A chilling, forthright account of a Kafkaesque nightmare, rendered with a remarkable lack of resentment."
In a shocking and absorbing narrative, Adams, a former inmate on death row, recounts his wrongful conviction for murder in 1976, his 13 years in a Texas prison, and the protracted legal and political battle to free him. Read full book review >
FREEFALL by William Hoffer
Released: April 18, 1989

Terror in the skies as a disabled Canadian Airlines 767 hurtles toward earth: another effective thrills-and-chills spectacle from disaster master Hoffer (coauthor of Not Without My Daughter and Midnight Express; author of Saved!: The Story of the Andrea Doria), here writing with his wife, a free-lance journalist. Read full book review >