Books by William J. Brooke

A IS FOR AARRGH! by William J. Brooke
Released: Sept. 30, 1999

PLB 0-06-023394-X Here's some caveman satire from Brooke (A Brush with Magic, 1993, etc.), who focuses on young Mog; his invention of the Word revolutionizes the lives of his parents, Brog and Pog, and everyone else in the club-wielding tribe. Read full book review >
A BRUSH WITH MAGIC by William J. Brooke
Released: Oct. 30, 1993

"Brooke is less quizzically philosophical, his comedy less farcical in this more discursive format; still, he's fashioned a fast-moving fantasy, well embellished with clever details and sure to amuse readers. (Fiction. 9-13)"
The author of two collections of splendidly witty extensions of favorite tales (A Telling of the Tales; Untold Tales) expands a Chinese folktale to novel length. Read full book review >
UNTOLD TALES by William J. Brooke
Released: June 30, 1992

"An irrepressibly clever book that will appeal to like- minded readers. (Fiction. 11+)"
In the manner of Brooke's A Telling of the Tales (1990, ALA Notable), four more sequels to, revisions of, and extrapolations from familiar stories. Read full book review >