Books by William James

Released: July 12, 1973

A new edition of a highly respected and widely used classic now appears to make available to a new generation the early original insights of Prof. William James of Harvard University (1902). James had planned to revise and expand his original work but his death in 1910 prevented his carrying out his plans. Now his new editor, Prof. Joseph Ratner, provides 10 additional chapters from James' other and subsequent wtings which bear on the subjects covered in the original volume, carrying such les as "Christianity, Monotheism & Polytheism", "The Human Soul", "Human Immortality", "Psychical Research","Mysticism", etc. Prof. Ratner has included a critical essay on James as an introduction, in which he shows that legitimatizing of religious faith was the central theme of all his work. He also compares and contrasts James with Freud, Dewey and Jung. Thus a valuable, almost indispensable volume is made available once again to all modern students of religion and psychology. It is a reference book all college and church libraries must add to their lists. Read full book review >