Books by William Kotzwinkle

THE AMPHORA PROJECT by William Kotzwinkle
Released: Oct. 10, 2005

"Despite sometimes trying a little too hard: frothy, sassy entertainment."
Science fiction with a humorous bent, and the first adult novel in over a decade from the author of The Game of Thirty (1994, etc). Read full book review >
THE GAME OF THIRTY by William Kotzwinkle
Released: June 15, 1994

"Kotzwinkle (The Exile, 1987, etc.) is best here when he sticks to wisecracking skepticism and avoids the TV-movie drama. (First serial to Esquire; author tour)"
Meet Jimmy McShane, private eye: street-smart, female-ogling, smart-mouthed, sharp-dressing—well, you know the type. Read full book review >
THE MIDNIGHT EXAMINER by William Kotzwinkle
Released: April 17, 1989

Two veteran novelists have now used supermarket tabloids as their springboard for comedy; last year Donald Westlake (Trust Me On This), this year Kotzwinkle. Read full book review >